Best DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas For More Space In The Kitchen 50
Best DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas For More Space In The Kitchen 50

60 Best DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas For More Space In The Kitchen

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There are many ideas for creating storage space in your kitchen, this article will show you how to make the most of what you have, in terms of space and amount of storage you will have. If you think in terms of common sense than it is quite easy to create extra space, by simply adding a wall shelve, and racks you will be amazed at how much storage space you really do have. As you start putting items in there perspective places you will feel a sense of order and instantly know where everything is. This obviously makes your job that much easier when making meals as well as cleaning.

If you ever work in the kitchen area then you will most probably use certain utensils more than others such as egg beaters, tongs spatulas etc….. to save space on the counter put all these utensils into a large open jar or utensil jar. Have the jar close at hand when using any of the utensils this will save you time as well as space. To put all those spices in reach but out of the way, mount a spice rack on the wall for the DIY person spice racks are fairly easy to make. Place all your spices salt shakers,seasonings on your rack this will give you extra counter and drawer space. Another good idea is to mount a paper towel hanger in a convenient place where you can access your paper towels easily.

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You will obviously have the odd spill and having your disposable handy towels ready will keep things clean and save space. Storage cabinets are a great way to store items as well as plastic storage containers and a sort and stack plate stacker having these items in your cabinets will conserve space. Any items you hardly ever use can be put on the top of the cabinet out of the way thus adding more space for those items that do get used. Placing hooks inside your cabinet or cupboards are a great way to hook up your cups, mugs to conserve that little bit of extra space, place a couple of these hooks underneath the counter where the sink is to gain easy assess to your dish cloth and utensils.

Why not buy a Lazy Susan these amazing products are able to stack honey, jams, preserving jars and much more, what ever you choose to do there are plenty of storage ideas you can do to save space in your kitchen.

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