Neutral Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Home 35
Neutral Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Home 35

42 Neutral Winter Decoration Ideas For Your Home

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If you want to change the way your home looks with every season, it is a good idea to paint, paper or carpet your walls and floor in neutral colors to start with – white, cream, very pale blue, for example. Otherwise, as you add and remove various colors every three to four months, they will clash with the base of the room, making your seasonal designs more appalling than appealing. Winter is the perfect time to start making seasonal changes to your home d├ęcor.

When you decorate for winter, think about adding a feeling of comfort and warmth to your room. Get some warm, fluffy throws or quilts for your couch and armchairs so that you don’t find yourself having to really boost the thermostat for those winter evenings. Snuggling down into your favorite chair with a thick blanket and a hot mug of cocoa can set the perfect tone for a romantic winter evening at home. Look for quilts and throws that contrast with your furniture, so that you don’t forget that they are there to wrap yourself up in, rather than just another part of the couch.

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Put down thick, heavy rugs to add textural warmth to your floors. Again, make color choices that contrast with your existing carpet or decor – you want them to stand out. White looks best against wood flooring, but darker colors stand out more against your cream carpet. You can get rugs in almost any type of fabric, design and color. You may want a winter “cools and blues” color scheme to give a soothing effect to your home. You could also go with something darker and more dramatic, in which case you may want to consider dark greens or burgundies. Rugs can be found in virtually any color scheme, woven into intricate designs or made of fur or sheepskin. Be careful to add nonslip padding beneath area rugs if you put them down on a hardwood floor, as they can slip if you’re in a hurry.

Another quick and easy way to change your home’s look for winter is with curtains. Consider buying reversible curtains and simply turn them around during the winter months to get a completely different effect. While sheer valances make a beautiful statement for summer, you should choose a heavier fabric for winter drapes. Alternating your curtains might sounds like a hassle, but it really doesn’t take too much time. You can even change the curtains in your house one room at a time over the course of several days.

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