53 Lovely Neutral Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

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Lovely Neutral Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room 42

House decoration trends come and go but neutral tones remain the safest option for most individuals and families, or if you’re renting, it’s probably safe to assume that your accommodation is painted white or off-white. Sometimes we all wish our homes could be a little more striking though and whether your tenancy won’t allow a dramatic decoration change, you don’t have a large budget to blow or you’re not quite brave enough to move away from the magnolia just yet, here are some ideas to bring a touch of colour into your living room.

· Patterned wallpaper – wall coverings with bold patterns have been on-trend for a while and they aren’t being replaced just yet. However, instead of making a feature out of the largest wall, as is usually done, try framing a window with a strip either side as well as above and below. Otherwise, why not hang just two or three strips in the centre of a wall, which looks particularly good if you place a sideboard type piece of furniture in front of it. These options will save you money on the paper and the pattern won’t be too overwhelming.

· Cushions – choosing a mixture of coloured, patterned and textured cushions can really add extra dimensions to what may otherwise be a very plain room. If you’re not very confident on where to start, find a patterned cushion with more than one colour in it that you like or to create a bespoke look, find the fabric your like and either get handy or get them made. Next match two plain ones to the two colours in your patterned cushion and, if possible purchase one that has an interesting texture; perhaps furry, woolly, leather, etc. Six cushions in total are ideal for a sofa and just the three for a chair.

· Accent furniture – depending on the space that is available to you, one eye-catching piece of coloured furniture will lift the atmosphere of any interior. This could be absolutely anything but choose a stand-out colour or be courageous when choosing a pattern; think about a coffee table, an armchair, a shelf unit or a sideboard. If you already have a piece of furniture that just needs livening up consider giving shelves a lick of paint, buy a big throw for a chair or cover the front of drawers with wallpaper.