Stunning Shabby Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas 36
Stunning Shabby Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas 36

51 Stunning Shabby Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is time that many get excited for. Not only is this a time for being with loved ones, sharing generous gifts, and enjoying delicious food, but this is also a time for great decorations and dolling up your home. Some feel that decorating is their favorite part of Christmas. What better way to continue on the tradition than by celebrating Christmas the way you like it.

Shabby Chic is a style that many have taken by the horns and turned it into their own style. Christmas is a time to continue your own unique technique and preferences through your decorations.Use the expression “White Christmas” and bring that into your home. The first step to creating a shabby chic Christmas is by bringing in a white Christmas tree. These white trees can be purchased with or without lights attached. If purchasing without lights attached then the tree can be suited up with lights of your choice. For those that prefer more traditional can use a green Christmas tree for a more realistic look, and then dress it up with white lights and decor.

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Once the tree has been dressed up with your lights, decorations, etc, the next step would be to choose the perfect tree topper. Make sure to choose the best tree topper for you and your family, a tree topper can become a tradition and be used for years to come. There are many variations of tree toppers from stars, to angels, to many other unique toppers. Decide on your topper, and your gorgeous tree will be sure to shine.

Although having a great tree is a large part of a shabby chic Christmas, there are plenty of other decorations needed to make the occasion shine. Quilted blankets are a great way to dress up your couch, and have that extra plush comfort during the colder days. Fresh flowers are another great way to dress up the room, and can even display Christmas ornaments. Placemats, dinner plates, and even the cookie tray are all fantastic pieces that can help play up your shabby chic Christmas. Many of these items can be found at local thrift stores and display proud tradition when antiqued.

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