54 Fabulous Christmas Decoration Ideas For Small House

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It’s that time of year. A big holiday – some say the very biggest! Christmas is here. How do you recognize the special nature of this holiday in your home?

We know all about Christmas trees and electric window candles as ways to celebrate and decorate for Christmas. What else you can do to decorate your home is limited only by your imagination.

Where to start?
Look first at how your relatives and friends will enter your home. The holiday spirit can embrace them right away, if you do it right. Is there a wreath on the door? Many people decorate the outside of their house. You can make this elaborate or simple. On the more inexpensive end of the spectrum, put lights on trees in your front yard or your porch. Others prefer a discreet evergreen wreath on the door. Maybe one you decorated yourself This is much cheaper than purchasing one that is created commercially.

What is in the entry point to your home? A table? Place a poinsettia there. A stairway to the upper floor? Wind a garland or lights or evergreens around the bannister. Is there a wall with a painting on it? Replace the painting with a holiday scene or place small lights around the frame. Perhaps you could put a mistletoe sprig on the ceiling. That provides a nice welcome for all your friends and relatives!

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