60 Easy DIY Outdoor Winter Wreath For Your Door

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It used to be that the only time of the year anyone used wreaths as decorations was at Christmastime when everyone hung one on their front door. Gradually people started to decorate wreaths and use them for other occasions, too, or as part of their regular decor. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a St. Patrick’s Day wreath or one that celebrates the 4th of July. Now pretty much anything goes. People even make their own wreaths so that they’re sure of having exactly what they want. Even if you don’t feel you have a lot of crafting talent, you can still create lovely wreaths for any occasion you’d like. Some examples are described below.

You can start the year by creating your own winter wreath. You will build this project on a simple grapevine wreath such as you can buy in your local craft or discount store. You’ll also want to buy a bag of fiberfill, a string of white Christmas lights, some silver ribbons, and a can of spray snow. Wrap the string of lights around the wreath and secure the ends. Add some fiberfill to the bottom inside edge of the wreath on top of the lights. Take the wreath outside and lay it down on a large piece of cardboard. Stand above it and spray the canned snow so that it falls on the wreath like a real snowfall. Spray the fiberfill more heavily. Once the wreath has dried you can add bits of greenery, silver Christmas balls, or miniature snowmen using hot glue. Once you’ve added all of your decorations, spray lightly with snow again. When it dries it will be ready to hang.

For Valentine’s Day, buy a styrofoam wreath form in the size desired, enough pastel gingham to cover it, and bags of large and small conversation hearts. After you cover the wreath with the gingham, use hot glue to stick conversation hearts all over it. This is a very simple way to make a very cute wreath.

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For Easter and spring you might want to decorate a special wreath using plastic Easter grass and eggs. All you’ll need for this project is a simple straw wreath and a hot glue gun. Buy plenty of the plastic Easter eggs, because you’ll want to completely cover the wreath with them. Add a few strings of grass between some of the eggs. If you like, you can glue half eggs in a few places on the wreath and then glue cute Easter trinkets inside the eggs to make mini-dioramas.