60 Totally Inspiring Black And Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Totally Inspiring Black And Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas07

When you think of Christmas colors, do you see bright red and green? Don’t stop there! Using some non-traditional colors can really enhance a vintage Christmas decoration theme.

For a Victorian look, think in terms of jewel tones. Intense and vibrant or deep and regal, rich shades of red, blue, green, mustard gold, and purple all work beautifully in period decor.

The Victorians loved color and used it everywhere, so don’t be shy. And don’t worry about using colors together! In fact, fabrics with a period-type print like a dark multi-color paisley make a superb addition; try layering them over a tablecloth or draping under an arrangement of greens.

Single-color themes can also be very effective. Consider using various shades of reds ranging from dusty pink to deep burgundy, or try the range of purples from pale lilac to deep plum.