46 Stylish Bookshelves Design Ideas For Your Living Room

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Next to the bedroom, the living room is one of the most personal places in a home. Not only is this where a family gathers for conversation and relaxation, but it is generally also the main place where visitors are received. As such, the choice of what living room furniture to place in this area is an important one. This is because it helps create first impressions, and highlights the part of your home to visitors that you want to showcase. From color schemes to whether or not a more modern or antique look is preferred, it’s helpful for people who are redecorating to first think of a theme that will tie the whole room together.

The main piece of living room furniture that most people will buy is a proper couch or sofa. These can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, to suit your every need. Leather couches give a comfortable and classic look to the living room, though plush materials have gone in and out of fashion as well. An updated couch or sofa can really say a lot about the home, because it is the one piece of furniture that can instantly be dated from the decade it’s from. If one is not striving for an antique feel to their home, for instance, they may want to replace that old pea-green sofa from the 1970’s.

Chairs of a plush or other material generally will accompany the sofa. Again, these are available in all styles, colors, and shapes. It can be fun to mix and match them to give a more eclectic feel to the room. For those who want a tidier look, chairs and sofas can be combined and matched together. The sky is the limit when it comes to living room furniture. Other odds and ends including coffee tables, end tables, and bookshelves give a functional decor to the room.

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As the living room is usually the place where guests gather, most people have either a fireplace or some sort of entertainment center for people to gather round. Entertainment shelving can provide a good support for books, DVD’s, or other entertainment items. These can be constructed out of metal, wood, or plastic, to best suit the surroundings and depending on portability needs. Whatever is chosen, special care should be paid. It’s worthwhile to shop around online to find the individual pieces of living room furniture that will best suit the home.