51 Modern Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Daughter

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Growing up I had to share a 9×12 bedroom with my sister, who happened to be a bit older than I. Being younger it didn’t matter a whole lot what the room looked liked until I was a little older. Once the territorial instincts kicked in there were a few battles taking place, no different than many families experience today. (It was a good thing I was the easy going one!)

Now if you talk to my husband he could tell many stories as he had a lot of experience sharing a bedroom. His mom and dad had ten, yes ten kids, packed into approximately 1400 square feet! Before the oldest moved out they were all in the same house. The two oldest sisters shared a 10 x8 room, three brothers shared another 10×8 room, the oldest two brothers shared a 9×12 bedroom, two younger sisters slept on a trundle bed that converted into a sofa in the dining room, and the youngest a baby sister was in a crib. They grew up in a four bedroom house with 12 people! That size of a family is beyond my comprehension. As you can imagine there are lots of good stories that could be

In this day and age big families like my husbands are practically unheard of. While the size of houses and the average bedroom size have increased considerably in recent years, it is not uncommon to find children sharing bedrooms. For many families like mine and my husbands, sharing a room wasn’t an option it was a necessity.

Whether your children are sharing a bedroom or not, you may find that decorating isn’t as easy and fun as magazines make it out to be. In fact, it may be quite challenging and possibly a bit overwhelming. So we thought we would take our bad decorating experiences growing up and turn it into a positive one for you.

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