41 Relaxing Modern Rock Garden Ideas To Make Your Backyard Beautiful

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atural stones are a good element to integrate into a garden. Decorating with stones offers great variety and flexibility as you can make very nice designs that with the proper placement and selection of plants and flowers will remain a true corner.

Is important to look after gardens, to embellish them and enjoy them, appreciate them without having the risk of damaging the grass and crops. Rocks are intended to protect the lawn from the constant footsteps or to beautify the garden.

Depending on the style that you use in your garden, stones are used differently, for example:

In the gardens that have a rustic style, rustic stone masonry walls are used.

In modern gardens you can use stones with pebbles of different materials such as granite or marble that will help secure flowerbeds.

In the gardens with an oriental style is essential the use of stones, that combine large and small stones, causing a beautiful visual image.

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