37 Cute Pink Living Room Design Ideas

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Disclaimer, I have no real proof that a lady would love this room I’m about to share with you, and in fact, since I am not of this gender, I am purely speculating on my experience with women, which is shaky at best. However, it seems that women want certain things out of a room that can be categorized into one room. This room is in fact, the ultimate ladies living room.

What feminine living area would be suitable without the color pink? Well, most likely people agree that pink is a feminine color, yet some people don’t like it to be the center piece of the room. For this reason, we will do the wall paper in a pastel color, something like baby blue, or a canary yellow, with a pink accent below the white crown molding.

The room will include a classic design of tan leather sofas, with plenty of space for those gigantic magazines that seem to cover fashion in dictionary proportions. The magazine racks would of course match the sofa, and be a gentle colored rod iron look.

The ultimate ladies living room would be enhanced by a moderately sized plasma television that most would agree is proportioned to the room correctly. The television would be housed with a casing made of a dark wood, maple, or teak would do fine. It would further be stained for a luxurious look.

Our room would include a day bed that embodied the word class. The day bed’s mattress would be of maroon color, and the pillows would range from gold, to white, with intricate embroiders on them. The day bed would be her throne, after a long day of work; she could fall on it like a queen after long day of ruling her land.

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For a coffee table, glass would be the prevailing element, with sleek black legs that worked in conjunction to hold it up. Another great thing about the ultimate ladies living room is the fact that it will include a diverse collection of art, that all had dark color combinations in common. The dark colors of the paintings would play perfectly off of the light pastel colors on the walls.

Finally the room would have a Persian rug that would cover the hardwood. While the hardwood would match the television case, the rug would perfectly go with the day bed, creating a harmonious marriage of beautiful elements.