45 Awesome Dining Room Design Ideas For This Summer

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Awesome Dining Room Design Ideas For This Summer 19

With summer’s breezes, we seem to have a new energy for dining and entertaining in a casual and fun way. Here are some summer furniture ideas to bring the outdoors in with fresh fruits, flowers, plants and more.

SMALL TABLES are perfect for impromptu meals and snacks. “Dining in” moves to unexpected places about the house: sun room, porch, even the patio.

Move our Jacobean Flip-Top Table to a romantic spot where you can savor the pace of an intimate lunch, or catch the evening breeze with a quiet dinner for two. The table opens to 36 inches, so there is ample room with its leaves raised to create a special mood. Here are several ways to create that table-for-two ambience:

A small vase with sprigs of wildflowers or herbs, and maybe just one prize rose from the garden.
For a continental touch, choose checked napkins (many now don’t need ironing – look for those!) Put a shell or small washed beach stone on top – perhaps even a small cut of French baguette.
Instead of candlelight, try a little hurricane-type oil lamp for a softer glow.
Iced tea in tall glasses with sprigs of mint are decoration themselves.
As for location, your table and chairs move in a minute…place them where there’s afternoon shade and a pleasing view, or where you can star-gaze at night.