35 Gorgeous Black Kitchen Design Ideas You Have To Know

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Anyone planning a black kitchen design is walking a tightrope throughout the design process because even the smallest mistake can lead to a bleak and uninviting kitchen that nobody wants to be in. Here are three common mistakes that people make when it comes to black kitchen design.

The most frequent error is making everything in your kitchen black. If you have black walls, black floors and black surfaces and appliances then it’s just too much. There always has to be a level of compromise when it comes to black kitchen design, so think about how you can introduce other tones and colours.

Following on from that, a lot of people make bad decisions when it comes to introducing materials and colours to compliment the black elements of their design. Wood is always a good material to use with black and has the ability to soften the impact of the dark tones. Conversely, too many metallic materials will make a black kitchen seem cold and unforgiving. Seek advice and do tests on what works in your black kitchen.

Unsurprisingly, a black kitchen requires a lot of light to brighten up the space. More than any other kind of kitchen, significant attention has to be given to how you’re going to introduce natural light into a black kitchen. Mirrors and glass doors are just two ways to make the most of the light you have so consider these in your design.

A black kitchen design can be visually stunning and provide a warm and comfortable environment to work in. Take these points on board and you’ll be right on track to achieving the success you deserve.

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